The standard hourly rate for each of the four functions/services is R400 per hour

The tasks or functions and hours or turn-around time will pre-determined by the client and the Automate-Your-Life’s Virtual Assistant

The client needs to pay 50% upfront for the pre-determined tasks, before the task/s will be executed and final payment is due as soon as task/s has been accepted or approved

A debit order will go off at the 15th of each month for retainer client, who has a set package of tasks that need to be executed If a task is out of scope of the pre-determined package, the hourly rates will differ according to urgency.

The additional amount will either be billed at the end of the month or deducted from the remaining hours that were not utilised from the pre-determined package

Please note that the pre-determined package excludes business phone calls and petrol. The client will be billed at the end of the month

18 hours, after hours and weekendsR400
224 hoursR350
32 working daysR300
43 to 4 working daysR250
54 to 5 working daysR200